Creative catering

Need catering for your next event, press lunch or launch? Based on your brand identity I'll create a menu that fits your vibe!

Recipe development

Need help coming up with a plant-based recipe or a fancy menu? I'm your guide!

Or perhaps you're designing an entire plant-based menu for your foodplace? Hit me up and we'll talk about it!

Events & retreats

Want to add an extra dimension to your retreat with nourishing foods, edible skincare and energizing talks? Let's do it together!


Want to know more about plant-based milk alternatives or want to start using adaptogens but don't know how? I'd love to share my experience!

I'll treat you with drinks, snacks and samples

50 euro per person / min 6 participants

Selfcare at work

Want to do something fun with your co-workers? Need a decent break? Pamper yourself and your collegues with a selfcare break. More info soon!

catering - retreats - recipe development - workshops