Mocktail with kava kava and palo santo

Healing mocktail with kava kava and palo santo 〰️ For this drink I used kava kava, this is an herbal remedy for stress and anxiety. Kava kava acts much like alcohol making you feel relaxed and calm. Sounds like magic? Here is the recipe 〰️ Makes 4 drinks: Juice 4 lemons 2 cups strong camomile tea 2 tablespoons maple sirup 1 tablespoon palo santo bitters (@dramapothecary ) 3 ml (90drops) kava kava tincture (I used @gaiaherbs ) 2 cups ice 〰️ Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice, serve cold 〰️ Want to collab on recipe development? Let’s connect!

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