Fire tonic

Fire tonic Inspired by the lovely @lilystanthor 〰️ A blend of herbs and spices that warm the body, improving circulation, boosting immunity, aiding digestion and improving respiration 〰️ Ingredients - depending on the size of your jar. You can play with this recipe and add in any herbs you like 1 orange 1 lemon 2 habaneros, chopped 1 large turmeric root 1 large piece of ginger 2 tbsp pink pepper corns 1 small onion 10 crushed cloves of garlic Fresh rosemary 1 tbsp dried schisandra berries 1 tbsp dried ashwaganda root 2 tbsp dried elderberries 2 tbsp dried rose petals Apple cider vinegar (to fill the jar) 〰️ Fill your jar with all the ingredients above, fill with apple cider vinegar. Let it sit in a dark place for at least one month. Strain and add to dressings, drinks, marinade and sauces

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